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8th Grade Elective Info


This class is open to all students interested in learning how to sing, or who have some elementary vocal experience. No auditions required. Students will perform for community events and concerts. Course work includes: music theory, sight seeing, music from different time periods and language and styles. Students are expected to sign up for a semester, although they are encouraged to stay for the entire year.


This class is for you if you have already taken Computers 7, or have extensive computer experience and would like to work on technology at Aptos Jr. High. Work will involve working on the school web page, taking digital pictures, assisting teachers and other students with computer related issues, working on the network, troubleshooting computers and more!!!

Teacher Aide

Students assist the teacher they are assigned to in a variety of ways. Responsibilities may include : Peer tutoring, record keeping, organizing of classroom supplies, classroom/campus projects and bulletin board design.

Library Practice

Prepare for the real world... no, not the TV show - the real world! Discover the excitement of power searching, apply your computer skills and effectively assist your peers. This class is a fun introduction to the Library Media Center. Be a star in your life as you learn the skills necessary to excel in the information age.

Office Practice

Candidates must demonstrate the following characteristics: Leadership, Responsibility, Cooperation, Initiative, Self-motivation and Respect. Students are required to preform the following duties: collect attendance, deliver messages, run attendance sheets, filing, assist office personnel, log tardies, complete forms, make copies and maintain confidentiality. Students must also demonstrate the ability to maintain average to above average grades in all classes. One male and one female student will be selected for each period of the day among students who meet the aforementioned characteristics.


Have you ever thought of studying a foreign language? This introductory course covers basic conversations Spanish as well as the grammar and structure of the language. additionally, we will study the customs and traditions of many Spanish-speaking countries.

Video Production

Would you like to produce your own video? Come and join a team to learn techniques used to write, film and edit a video project. We will learn the care and use of video equipment as we create a commercial, film a collage and produce a how-to project. Fee required.

Clay and Sculpture

It is recommended for students to have taken an art class prior to taking this course. In this fast paced class, we will work exclusively in a three dimensional format which focuses on varied types of sculpture. We will continue to review some basics of clay construction and continue to increase our knowledge of the hand-building process. We will have an opportunity to find out about wheel thrown pottery when we take a field trip to Aptos High School. Students will complete 3 clay projects and 3 sculptures using wood, plaster, wire, metal, found objects or clay.

Drawing and Pairning

Want to learn how to draw better? Using a no-fail system everyone will learn to draw with confidence. Once we can create accurate drawings, we will be able to produce well-executed paintings. We will learn to work with many kinds of paint including water color, acrylics, tempera and latex paints. We will also paint on many different surfaces: rock, paper, wood, metal, faces and walls. Our goal with quarter will be to create a mural for our school.

Art Design

Working exclusively in a two dimensional format, we will explore the world of commercial art and design. We learn the basics of drawing, designing and working with color to sell a product or express an idea in a strong way. Along with improving our drawing skills, we will create an animated piece of artwork, do some basic cartooning, learn some fundamentals of letter design and calligraphy, along with printmaking, poster and package design.

Clay and Crafts

In this class we will review the basic clay skills we learned in 7th grade and we will also learn to produce finished clay pieces using slab, coil and pinch building techniques. Students will complete 3-4 clay projects including a sculpture and some pottery. Along with clay we will choose from a variety of craft projects such as beadwork, basic jewelry and metalwork.


This class is a requirement for WEB leaders and students are are Student Body Officers at Aptos Junior High. This course should be taken for one quarter to fulfill this requirement, but may be repeated. The main focus for this class is school service. Leadership students plan, organize and manage school activities. This class is for people who are willing to work hard to make Aptos Junior High a better place for everyone.Leadership students must be reliable, trustworthy and model positive behavior at all times. All students will be expected to participate in school wide activities including one after-school dance and at least one noon-time activity per week.

Talent Show

This is a course for beginning and advanced actors. The class will include improvisation, skits, scenes (like the drama part of speech & drama) and script work using television scripts. Students in the class will write, judge, design and help with the talent show. There is not cost and some after school rehearsals, but memorization is a vital part of the course.

Musical Production

For Aptos Junior High's thirty first annual musical production we are proud to present a classic American musical comedy. No experience is necessary. Students will act, sing, dance and prepare sets, props, lights, etc. Some after school rehearsals are required. Performance will be held March 19th & 20th. (Girls softball would conflict with rehearsals.)

Play Production

All students will have an opportunity to perform in a play to be presented to students and parents. Memorization, therefore homework is required. First quarter we are planning a melodrama and second quarter our presentation will be a children's show.