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2016_17 Surf Team

Shiori Oki AJHS Surf Team (00000002).png


Surf Team/Club,


Welcome to AJHS surf team/club. We are very excited to have you participate in the 2016/2017 season. All students who join must be competent swimmers and comfortable in the water. By joining, athletes will become members of the Cruz Scholastic Surf League (SCSSL). There is a $30 individual entry fee for every surfer (team or club) as well as a $2500 school fee. Accordingly, student surf team fee/donation will be $225 and student surf club fee/donation will be $150.


AJHS Surf Team

AJHS surf team will practice on Fridays with the AJHS Club and also be offered some Wednesday afternoons as scheduled by coaches. The SCSSL competition schedule is shown below:


Waddell          Oct. 29/30

Pleasure point/Hook   Nov. 19/20

Hook/Pleasure point   Jan. 28/29

Steamer Lane  Feb. 25/26

Manresa           Mar. 18/19


Oceanside, San Diego May 6/7


*Please note that the contest organizers have left the dates flexible to account for weather/ conditions for the high school contests.


AJHS Surf Club

AJHS surf club practice will on Fridays. AJHS surf club is open to members of all surfing abilities and enjoys being in the water. Club members will need a wetsuit and surfboard (soft tops okay) to participate.



Every week practice times and location will be emailed to parents (typically on Wednesday afternoon), and posted on the surf club/team website. The website can be found at www.aptosjr.pvusd.net then the top tab for groups is “2016-2017 Surf Team.” Practice is typically from 4 pm - 6 pm. Time and location are dependent on weather and surf conditions.



  • There will be a sign-in and out sheet at every practice.
  • Surfers are expected to sign-in and wear a jersey/rash guard (to help identify our students in the water).
  • Surfers are expected to sign-out and turn in jersey/rash guard.
  • Surfers must exit the water when practice is over. Students may want to continue surfing after practice; however, the surfer must turn in his/her jersey, sign out, and have a parent/guardian to supervise.
  • Parents are expected to pick up their surfer at the designated practice time, as the coaches have commitments after surf practice. We appreciate your support with this.



Surf Team: $225 (SCSSL Membership, Team Entry and AJHS Logo Gear)

Surf Club: $150 (SCSSL Membership, Club Participation, and AJHS Logo Gear)



Ignacio Araujo: 610-952-8384 ignacio_araujo@pvusd.net



  • Completed and returned by Thursday, September 29, 2016. Paperwork may be submitted as soon as it is completed to Mr. Araujo or Carol Roe in the front office. Please do not send by email
  • Please turn in:
    • Student membership and Emergency Information Form.
      Please make sure email is accurate and legible as this is how we will contact you for practices.
    • Student Waiver, Release, Hold Harmless/Indemnification Form
    • Student AJHS Surf Team/Club Logo Gear Order Form
    • Payment

  • All payment must be made via the AJHS website via PayPal, cash, or a cashiers check.
    • To access the PayPal go to the AJHS Website: www.aptosjr.pvusd.net
    • Click PayPal on the left-hand side under “Seadragon Links”
    • Go to AJHS Surf Team/Club
    • Please turn in your PayPal receipt with the forms


Thanks to Pleasure Pizza/Eastside Eatery for their support of the AJHS Surf Team/Club. If you mention you are a member of the AJHS Surf Team/Club, Pleasure Pizza/Eastside Eatery will offer you a discount.


We look forward to a fun season! Thanks for your support!


Ignacio Araujo

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Surf Team Photo
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