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Scholarship for Service

Membership Requirements

CJSF membership is open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements and submit their application to one of the CJSF advisers before the deadline. To be eligible, a student must:

1) Complete an application form.

2) Have at least 10 points as determined by their most recent Aptos Junior High School report card.

Optional: If you wish to come on our fun field trips, you must complete a minimum of two hours of community service, then get a formal letter (on letterhead) from a nonprofit organization verifying what you did, where, and when. See below for more details.

CJSF Application Period Now Open

Attention students: CJSF Applications are being accepted. Use your grades from third quarter to apply. The deadline is September 13, 2019. Turn in your CJSF application, community service letter and field trip permission slip all at once. Download the application packet.


Volunteer Drivers Needed

We are in need of volunteer drivers for our field trip to the Boardwalk Bowl and the Pacific Edge on October 21, 2019. Driver paperwork is available to print.


Quarter 1 CJSF Deadlines

Revised September  3, 2019


Please listen carefully to the morning announcements for all CJSF updates and deadlines.

September 13  – Deadline for: membership application, grades, community service, field trip permission slip, and volunteer driver forms. Turn all of these items in at once to Ms. EL in room 21 or Mr. Simms in room 16 by 3:00 PM.

September 16 – 19 – Turn in $30 to Mr. Simms in room 16 to secure your attendance on the field trip.

October 1 – Sign up for car groups outside room 21 at break

October 21 – Field trip to the Boardwalk Bowl and Pacific Edge.

We need volunteer drivers.

October 22 – Thank you card or letter rough-draft is due. See information in this packet for requirements.

October 24 – The final draft of your thank you card or letter must be approved by a CJSF advisor before 1:05 PM.

Community Service

To come on our fun field trips, you need to complete two hours of community service with a non-profit organization. Once you have completed the service, obtain a letter that verifies your service. Your letter should include:

o  A description of the duties/services you performed.

o  The number of hours you volunteered.

o  The date you performed the service.

o  The letters should be on letter-head stationary.

o  Signed by the adult supervising you.

      (The adult signing the letter may not be a parent or relative.)

Print Report Cards

Visit the Home Access Center to print your report card.

Thank you card and thank you letter guidelines

Thank thank you card or letter is an important part of attending a field trip. Review the guidelines before you start your card or letter. Once you have finished your card or letter, check your finished card with the thank you card or letter guidelines.

CJSF Advisors
Jenna Etemad-Lehmer (831) 688-3234 ex: 242 Teacher
David Simms (831) 688-3234 Teacher of Mathematics