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7th Grade Electives



Beginning Band: Beginning band is designed for ANYONE to learn a musical instrument.  It offers the band experience at the beginning level.  You do not need to know anything about music to enroll in this class.  All you need is the will and desire to play an instrument.  Students will choose an instrument to learn (brass, woodwind, or percussion) and will perform in a winter and spring concert during the year.  We will learn things such as music reading, analyzing/evaluating music, composing simple melodies, etc.  Come join the band!


Advanced Band: Advanced band is designed for students who have already taken Beginning Band or had private lessons on their instrument.  In this class we continue learning and refining the concepts and skills taught in beginning band.  An emphasis is placed on repertoire, reading/technical skills, and expression.  We will perform in a winter and spring concert.  If you are not sure whether or not you are ready for Advanced Band, feel free to email Mr. Asmuth at to discuss it with him.


Choir:  Choir feels like a club and is for 7th & 8th grade students of any skill level.  Beginning singers will develop fundamental skills in music reading, rhythm, and vocal technique.  More advanced singers often perform solos.  All singers will be involved in performing a wide variety of music on and off campus.  During distance learning students will continue to learn music fundamentals and will develop their singing during synchronous online class times.  Singers will learn songs that they collaboratively record to create choral performances. Students will create beginning compositions as well.

Survey of Music:  Survey of Music is a fun, highly interactive course.  Students create music on recorders and ukuleles,  listen to and analyze music and sing.  During distance learning students will not have access to instruments, but will continue to learn fundamentals of music theory and appreciation, including learning about the lives and works of great composers.  Students will create beginning compositions.

7th Grade Art: Do you want to improve your sketching and painting techniques?  Do you love to draw?  If so, you will enjoy taking Art at AJHS!  We will be focusing on the elements of art, and working in a sketchbook for the semester.  Students will use ink, graphite, colored pencils and watercolor to explore a variety of techniques, while learning about contemporary and historical artists. If you love to create and experiment, you will enjoy this class!

Ed Support: This is a support class that offers extra time to stay organized, plan to complete missing or unfinished assignments, communicate with teachers and check in as needed. Students that feel that they would benefit from this period can select Ed-Support as an Elective. Additionally, based on data review, some students might be assigned this course. Students interested in Ed Support should email the AJHS Academic Counselor, Ms. Camacho, at 

CTE: PVUSD has implemented a broad Career Technical Education pathway network throughout middle and high schools. These CTE courses provide students with opportunities to learn practicable skills. Due to COVID-19 and Distance Learning, our CTE courses will function similarly to an Educational Support class. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with a teacher to receive guidance and support with their studies. That being said. Once ready to launch the CTE Course will include the following...


Exploring CTE is a course sequence (Grades 7 & 8 ongoing) that provides middle grades students with the opportunity to explore individual interests, talents, and passions and to apply this knowledge in the context of college, careers, and life readiness preparation. A core part of the course sequence will include orientation to multiple California industry sectors, CTE pathways within PVUSD, and the educational and career opportunities they lead to post high school graduation. 


In addition, the course will include use of personal financial literacy, professional skills learning, goal setting, personal learning styles, professional collaboration and teamwork, and more. Students will also acquire skills in technology, web design, and create digital portfolios.  Students will engage in hands-on industry work-based learning projects across industries, and engage with industry-relevant career exploration, including college and career within the two year course sequence.

7th Grade Computer Science: This course will expose students to computer science and computer engineering by using the program language of Block Building and Javascript utilities in MIT programs Scratch and Microbit. These programs allow students to understand complex computer languages through relatable scripts, block chains, python, and javascript coding. Students will develop a better understanding of algorithms and how computers help solve real world problems, while having fun. Students will also learn how different Computer Engineers have developed and advanced the technology.