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Project Gutenberg

Free EBooks from Project Gutenberg .  Formats supported are Kindle, IPad, and computers.  The books are in the Public Domain so look for authors such as Sir Conan Doyle and Francis Hodgeson Burnett.



The Book Slayers Club

The Book Slayers Club is a book club for the students. We will be meeting on the last Tuesday of the month in the Library during lunch. We will read 4 books this year. 



Ms. Mennie's blog

August 5, 2019 was a hard day. I was beginning my second year as the librarian at Aptos Junior High, and I was doing it all alone. Last year, I started my first day of work, after 16 years staying at home with my 3 kids; However, I was accompanied by my youngest who was starting 8th grade at the time. What I soon realized, year two is way easier.

As I started my computer, my mind was racing. What do I want to accomplish this year? How do I want everything to look? How do I put my stamp on the library? As the day went on, ideas started popping up. I definitely want to continue with book fairs and read-a-thons, but how does R.O.A.R look? How does AR look? How do I get ROAR going early? How do I get more parent volunteers? How get the picture.

Project one, spend money and update the look of the library! Thanks to all the support and hard work from the students and parents/grandparents/community etc., we raised enough money through the read-a-thon last year to purchase new furniture, new shelves and chrome books (pop in and take a look!) I'm hoping to purchase another set of comfy chairs again this year. 

Next up, AR. Aptos Junior is excited to continue the accelerated reading or AR, as it is popularly known,  program. Students will come into the library to take their AR quizzes at the new "AR Bar" (they LOVE it). Each quarter, every student who meets their goal will get a small prize. In June, these students will be rewarded with other prizes during R.O.A.R. (Reward of All Readers). See sidebar to the right for more information and how you can help. The students will actually write the letters soliciting donations for R.O.A.R. This will be done in their English classes. The students did this last year for the first time and they would get so excited when "their company" would donate an item for the event.

Finally, for now, new ideas. Now for my spin on Ms. Mennie's Library. I am currently getting ready to kick off The Book Slayers Book Club on September 24 during lunch, I am so excited to do this with the students.  Lunch in the library is another BIG change this year. I do not allow food, drinks or gum in the library and I ask it to be somewhat quiet on a daily basis. This year, to loosen up just a little, every other Friday students will be able to bring in their lunch and eat and play games. Whether it's board game Friday or Trivia Friday, one thing for sure, the library will be packed.  

Cheers for now!

Ms. Mennie

OUr Hours 

The Aptos Junior High library is open during the school year from 8:10 AM until 3:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  We close at 1:05 on Wednesday and 2:55 on Friday.  Students may come to the library, with a pass, during class time. They may come to the library without a pass before school, at break, during lunch and after school.  

Students are requested to be considerate of others and keep their voices down.

I am looking for a parent volunteer for every other Thursday from 12:20-1:10 PM. Please let me know if you are interested.

831-728-7834 ext 5484



I am looking for a parent who would like to head up our end of the year library extravaganza. 

The students work hard all year to read and meet their AR (accelerated reading goals). This can be a big challenge to many students. For those who struggle, it's a big deal to hit your quarterly goals. For the students who are in clubs, sports or other extra curricular activities, finding extra time to read on top of other homework can also be challenging. Then there are those students who just  can't read enough.  R.O.A.R. (Reward of all Readers) celebrates all of these readers and all of their efforts. 

As the parent volunteer, you would lead this event and facilitate in collecting prizes and setting up and running the event.