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Aptos Junior High School

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    Quarter 1 Homeroom Assignments



    Current Communication with the School

    This year all PVUSD schools will be utilizing a new communication platform called Synergy. School Loop will no longer be utilized. Please do not attempt to use School Loop or Loop Mail is no longer functional. 

    Synergy Parent Vue Login

    This is the staff link:  

    This is the student/parent link:

    Activation Key Request Form (Parents without Synergy Activation Key) and to provide working email 

    Sea Dragon Families,

    We want to thank all of you for making our 7th and 8th grade registration, Sea Dragon Days, a huge success! In the next few days leading up to the first day of school, August 14th, we will busy ourselves making the necessary scheduling adjustments and honoring requests as best we can. We ask that all families please remember that all students will attend Homeroom on the first day of school and that new/amended schedules will be delivered at that time. If possible we will notify families of adjustments prior to the start of school.


    Homeroom: Please use this link to 2019-20 Opening Day Information


    2019-20 Opening Day information: Please use link

    2019-20 AJHS Parent Newsletter (sent via email in early August)  

    Main Office Hours: The office will be open to receive and or provide any necessary or requested documentation. If you feel as though you need to meet with the Admin Team or Guidance Counselor, we would ask that you please schedule an appointment for Thursday the 15th or Friday the 16th after 3:00 pm. Please rest assured we will be working diligently to communicate via email to meet the needs of our students and families.

    Please note:

    Administration and staff will be working together and will be unavailable on both Monday and Tuesday. Email to Administration and the Guidance Counselor (Ms. Camacho) will be answered as soon as we can.


    Greetings families,

    During Sea Dragon Days we discovered that the transition from eSchool Plus to Synergy created a few complications re: parent contact information.

    We will be working to find the simplest most efficient solution to this challenge. In the meantime, we want to be sure that we are able to communicate with all stakeholders as regularly as possible. I have sent out another mass email as test. The subject line will read “TEST 2”. If you did not receive that email by Monday, August 12th at 6:00 pm, please use the following link (live Monday at 6:00 pm) to enter your current email address so that we can be sure we can get information to you in a timely manner.


    Course Descriptions/rationale for two of our most effective support classes.


    Math Lab: This class is currently for 8th grade students only. During the 2019-20 School Year, AJHS is continuing to offer the Math Lab Elective.

    Math Lab is meant to have two separate foci; remediation and support. This class will be comprised of students that, according to our most current data, require support in their current grade level math class or require support in stretching beyond the current math offerings at AJHS.

    For those students that require remediation or support in their current grade level math class, they are concurrently enrolled in both a grade level math course as well as a Math Lab period. The Math Lab period will take the place of their elective (for the quarter or semester.) These students are able to take advantage of small group instruction, specific one-on-one instruction, and computer based support from web based programs. 

    The class is designed to offer students support in specific areas so that they can fortify their math skills and then leave the Math Lab class (within 1-2 quarters) and enroll in one of the many grade level elective offerings for the remainder of the school year. 

    Students that require support to advance their understanding of mathematics beyond what is available here at AJHS will either maintain concurrent enrollment in a grade level math class (if placed in Math Lab) and or simply be assigned a math lab period. They too, will be able to take advantage of small group instruction, specific one-on-one instruction, and computer based support from web based programs.

    Educational Support or Ed Support: This course is for current 7th grade students only. This course is meant to offer extra time for students to stay organized, self-monitor progress, and complete coursework and homework. Incoming 7th grade students were placed in Ed Support based on recommendations from their former feeder schools. It is possible to enter and exit this class during a single school year.

    Important Dates


    14th - Quarter 1 begins (Homeroom Schedule...Dismissal at 2:55) 

    16th - Picture Day (through PE) information re: purchase will be sent home with students

    21st - Introduction to 7th & 8th grade Assembly for all students during school day

    28th - 29th MAP Assessment (Testing block schedule begin Wednesday through Friday)


    Principal: Rich Moran

    Assistant Principal: Joshua Phillips 

    Office Manager: Deann Najera

    Guidance Counselor: Nereyda Camacho 

    Attendance Specialist:Rafael Arce

    Our Partner in the cOmmunity 
    Palm Deli