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8th Grade Electives

Art: Over the semester, students will be working with a variety of 2D art mediums including pencil, ink, colored pencil and watercolor painting.  Our focus will be on building artistic vocabulary, the principles of design, and exposure to a wide variety of artists, both contemporary and historic, to create a well-rounded introduction to art. We will explore Zentangle patterns, drawing realistically from observation, creating art with a social justice message, and learning techniques in each medium.
Yearlong Artists Workshop: Would you like to take an art elective all year?  Dividing our focus quarterly, students will begin with drawing skills and media.  The second quarter will focus on watercolor, tempera and acrylic painting, along with linoleum block printmaking techniques.  Along with 2D arts, students will experience a wide range of sculptural options during the 3rd quarter which may include cardboard sculpture, embroidery, and found objects.  Finally, in the 4th quarter, students will create a series of connected artwork using the media and subject matter of their choice.  
Leadership: Leadership class is a class designed to promote a positive culture at AJHS.
Students will organize, lead and participate in spirit days, assemblies, and lunch activities.  Students will also create and participate in Public Service Announcements and community service projects to encourage a safe and inclusive school.  To be admitted for the first quarter, students are required to complete a form.  Please see Ms. Elerick in room 20 to get the form.
Choir:  Choir feels like a club and is for 7th & 8th grade students of any skill level.  All singers will be involved in performing so many styles of music several times a year.  Beginning singers will develop fundamental skills in music reading, rhythm, and vocal technique through practice and game playing.  There are many opportunities for solo singers. No experience is necessary - your confidence will grow!  
Here is a short video with choir highlights from past seasons:  AJHS Choir 
Contact our choir director, Mrs. Ota, at if you have any questions.
Band (two choices): Come join the band!  If you have been thinking about learning an instrument, this is the time to begin.  Our district has instruments available to be loaned to students, so there is no cost for the program.  Come see the exciting musical possibilities!
Beginning Band: This course is offered to incoming 7th graders or 8th grade students with no previous band experience.
Advanced Band: This course is offered to continuing AJHS students that completed band during the 2018-19 school year and or students coming to us with band/music experience.
Culinary Arts: Culinary Arts is designed to be a career-focused, intensive cooking and kitchen management class. The course prepares students with employment skills for entry-level positions in culinary arts occupations and the hospitality industry including food preparation worker, cook, baker and other skilled entry-level positions. Classroom instruction includes topics such as food theory as a foundation for hands-on kitchen lab activities; selecting, purchasing and preparing of quality food and food products; menu planning; safety and sanitation skills; nutrition; use and care of commercial equipment; understanding and management of the different food-style establishments. 
Graphic Design: Students will learn and apply graphic design techniques using a variety of software, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Areas of focus include Typography, Iconography, Digital Media, Posters, Book Covers, Brand Identity, Logos, Motion Design, etc. The outcome being a comprehensive portfolio that students will present in a final critique and take with them to high school.
Each week consists of one area of focus – including a project and an overview of a featured designer/technique. Classroom activities will include sketching, “concepting,” problem solving, computer design work, as well as class critiques. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to improve each of their projects, just as their knowledge of creative techniques and graphic design standards improve.
 Please be advised that all current 7th grade students will be signing up for 8th grade electives this Thursday, May 27th and Friday May 28th during advisory. Students will access a Google Form (during their current advisory class) and be asked to choose their top three choices. We would ask that they please choose three different electives rather than choosing a single elective three times. Otherwise, if a student does not get his/her first choice, we will simply place that student in a course that has room. 
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